Aaron Carter’s baby mama Melanie Martin breaks silence on winning back full custody of one-year-old son Prince

AARON Carter’s baby mama Melanie Martin said she finally feels like a mother after regaining custody of their one-year-old son following a nine-month custody battle, The US Sun can reveal.

The beauty influencer had an on/off three-year relationship with the pop star and even got engaged to him before his untimely death on November 5.


New snaps show Melanie and her son on a family outing enjoying the festive periodCredit: Melanie Martin
Aaron Carter was dying to be a father and said his son was his greatest achievement


Aaron Carter was dying to be a father and said his son was his greatest achievementCredit: Instagram/@aaroncarter

Aaron, who struggled with drug addiction issues, was left devastated when the couple lost custody of Prince in March.

The pop star previously told The US Sun getting his family back was his main priority just weeks before he relapsed and allegedly started huffing again.

Prince has been living with Melanie’s mom, Emily, in Lake Forest, California – about an hour outside of Los Angeles – in recent months after she was named his legal guardian.

But the 34-year-old is thrilled to have her baby boy back after a court hearing on Thursday, telling The US Sun she “finally feels like a mother.”

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She said in an exclusive interview: “I have my son Princeton Lyric Carter back, it was a very emotional day without having Princeton’s dad here because he would have been thrilled to know we got custody back of his only son.

“The judge said his condolences for Aaron. After almost a year of constant harassment from not only the internet but also various other people, I feel like I can finally start to breathe.

“My spirit is uplifted and I couldn’t be more thankful for the judge’s decision in this matter.

“Prince and I are currently living in a condo and I am working on opening a salon within the next year while continuing to shed light on Aaron and providing for our beautiful baby boy.”

She added: “It’s been a very disheartening year, every day felt like another battle and I know it’s not over yet. I’m just proud to say I finally feel like the mother that I am and I can’t wait to share the memories Aaron and I had with Prince as well as create new ones.

“Prince is my heart and I feel like that’s exactly what I just got back.

“The unconditional love a son and mother have is unbreakable, unmatched and I just wish Aaron was here with me physically to see that all that hard work we have all put in was not in vain. Princeton Lyric Carter is home.”

Melanie admitted her only wish would be to have Aaron here to share the moment with her as she settles into a new chapter as a single mom in her new two-bed home.

“I can see him smiling, dancing, singing in joy,” she said. “A family is all he ever wanted and that’s exactly what he has right now.

“I remember when Aaron was asked by Red TV from Germany what his biggest accomplishment was and his answer was ‘having a son of my own’.

“Aaron’s legacy will live on forever through all of us from his fans to his family and peers.”


The couple could not reveal the exact reason why they lost custody, but it is believed to be a culmination of Aaron’s mental health issues and his tumultuous relationship with Melanie.

She previously said: “I can’t give details, both regretted the words that caused us to lose custody of our son. However, we were both working towards getting him back.

“He was seeing our son and then I was seeing our son with my mom and he was really actively trying. It was just a lot. I think it really stressed him out.”

They lost custody and he checked into rehab in an effort to bring his son back home, The US Sun reported in September 2022.

He claimed that he had started a month-long outpatient program with Los Angeles-based Lionrock Recovery to do so.

In a video with Melanie, 35, she said: “I haven’t had any relapses or anything like that, it’s just triggers are big right now for me [and] I want my son back.


“The main reason why I enrolled in Lionrock Recovery outpatient is to help with the weed.”

The tattooed artist, who claimed he had more than 100 seizures from huffing, said he spent $200,000 on care to make the couple a “fully functional family.”

Melanie told The US Sun he was allowed regular unsupervised visits with Prince, while Aaron had someone with him when he spent time with his young son.

The couple broke up again in the week before his death but she felt they would reconcile after talking things through.

Meanwhile, Melanie is unsure of what will happen to Aaron’s fortune after it was revealed he died without a will – but she hopes Prince will get his inheritance, as per California laws.

Probate documents show the singer, the younger brother of Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, had about $550K in real estate and personal property when he died.

Aaron’s family wants to be in control of his money and property.

But Melanie has also hired legal counsel for the probate case so Prince can get his inheritance, although there are no documents yet filed on her behalf.

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When asked if she hopes to be the administrator, she said: “My lawyers are handling that right now and we will see the result of what happens, the judge will decide.”

A hearing is currently set for January 25, 2023, at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles.

The beauty influencer is planning to open her own salon for her and Prince's future


The beauty influencer is planning to open her own salon for her and Prince’s futureCredit: John Chapple for The US Sun
The 35-year-old said she was thrilled to finally have regained full custody


The 35-year-old said she was thrilled to finally have regained full custodyCredit: Melanie Martin
Aaron was found dead in his bathtub at his home in Lancaster, California


Aaron was found dead in his bathtub at his home in Lancaster, CaliforniaCredit: The Mega Agency


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