Bold & Beautiful Recap: Chief Baker Confirms Sheila is Alive

At Forrester, Steffy and Finn go over the craziness of Taylor and Brooke being united. Steffy says it was crazy in the best way. To see them choose themselves over a man was really powerful and inspiring. “I’m really proud of my mom.” Finn is too… but he’s really nervous about his. He’s concerned about Sheila being out there.

In the design office, Eric sticks his head in on Carter and asks to speak with him. Carter asks, “Is something going on?” Eric tells him they haven’t had a chance to talk since everything that happened between them. He says he has Donna now and is happy. Eric wants Carter to be happy as well and asks him about Katie. “I would hate to see Katie get hurt.” Carter only wants what’s best for her. Whatever happens is up to Katie, but he knows that she deserves better than Bill. Eric points out that Katie has tried to move on from Bill before and it’s never worked. Carter thinks she’s finally realized that he can’t give her what she needs — a man who doesn’t have eyes for her sister. If Carter was with her, she’d never have to question his commitment. Eric suggests some mistletoe might help his cause and invites Carter to join them for Christmas. They chuckle over Bill not being on the guest list. Carter admits that Katie is with Bill now. Eric figures he’s enacting a ploy to try and get her to come back.

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At Bill’s place, he doesn’t blame Katie for being guarded. He thinks that she came because she still cares about him. Katie says she’ll always care about him. Bill tears up as he pleads that she has no idea how much he needs this. “Please, Katie. Tell me that you need it too.” He proposes that they take Will and go for a week on the Stella Maris. “Please let me arrange this. It will give us a chance to bond together as a family.” He wants this more than she could possibly imagine. He continues to plead that he needs this more than she can imagine. “You’re my anchor. Without you, I’m sort of floating around lately. Without you around me… it is a need. I need you, Katie, like never before.”

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In the main office at Forrester, Steffy and Finn are talking about Sheila when Chief Baker knocks and enters. Steffy asks, “Have you found her?!? Have you found Sheila?!” Baker tells Finn and Steffy they were able to pull some footage on Sheila. Steffy recalls that Deacon said there wasn’t anyone. Baker snarks, “You think I trust Deacon Sharpe?” He reports that they got her on a camera from a place down the street. She didn’t look much like Sheila either. He produces a photo and declares that they have a direct match on a retinal scan. “Sheila Carter is alive.” Finn grits, “I knew it! I knew it!” Steffy exclaims, “All this time Sheila really has been alive!”
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At Bill’s place, Katie thinks he is lonely. Bill half-chuckles, “I know this doesn’t sound like me but I feel like I’m losing myself.” Katie notes he’s still wearing the necklace; still decided to put it on even though he knows what it stands for. Does he really think that’s going to help lead him back to who he wants to be? Bill cried, “Then help me Katie.” Katie can’t be his anchor; she can’t hold him in place. She believes that he needs her but he also wants someone like Brooke. Maybe he wants someone who sees that sword and wants what it signifies. Bill cried, “You’re not hearing me. I really need you!” Katie exclaims, “What about what I need?!’ She thinks maybe he should go spend some time alone on his yacht because she can’t be with him. “I can’t give you what you want, Bill. It was a mistake for me to come here,” she cried. Bill can’t be alone in the house anymore and declares that he’s not a good person. Katie implores him to stop saying that. Bill swears he has a greater appreciation for her now more than ever. He offers to take off the necklace. If he has her, he doesn’t need the protection. He removes it and places it in her hand. All he cares about is her coming back to him and staying by his side forever. “Please Katie,” he sobs.
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In the office, Baker commends Finn and Steffy for re-examining the evidence. He feels the security footage will be very useful in telling them how to find her. They know the car she’s driving and the license plate number. It’s a stolen vehicle, unsurprisingly, and Baker declares it’s only a matter of time before they find and apprehend Sheila Carter.

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At Bill’s place, he asks Katie to cancel the ride she called. She thinks it’s best that she goes. Bill protests that he will be the man that she needs. Katie asks what happens when she believes him and he hurts her again. He vows that won’t happen and cries, “Listen to me. If you don’t, Katie, it’s now or never.” A knock comes on the door. Katie says, “He’s here.” She texted a friend. Carter walks in and says, “Bill.” Bill glares and tells Katie, “Don’t do this. You can’t be with him. Here is where you belong… with me.” Katie puts his sword necklace back into his hand and says, “Goodbye, Bill.” She then walks out with Carter. Bill, with tears still in his eyes, puts the necklace back on and gives a steely look.

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At the office, Baker assures the entire LAPD is looking out for the car and for Sheila in disguise. He gets a call from an officer, who says he’s got her. “I’m tailing her.” Baker puts him on speaker and warns him to be very careful. “The perp is very dangerous.” They listen as the cop puts on his siren and chases her. Finn barks, “You can’t let Sheila get away!”

In her car, Sheila focuses as the police siren wails behind her.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke explains to Katie why she moved on from Ridge, and Steffy and Finn hope to hear that Sheila’s been apprehended.

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