Fans, musical peers pay last respects to rock pioneer

“This Is Our Killer.”

Those words, written vertically, one letter atop another, were printed on a ribbon that dangled Thursday night from the lone floral arrangement that had been placed on the casket that held the mortal remains of Jerry Lee Lewis.

The casket was inside the Hernando Funeral Home on US 51 in DeSoto County, Mississippi. Outside, Lewis was still indomitable, even immortal, in the memories and appraisals of the hundreds of fans, friends, peer musicians and others — some in suitcoats and ties, some with tattoos and rockabilly pompadours — who lined up to pay their respects to the rock ‘n’ roll pioneer who attacked his 87 years of life the way he attacked the keys of his piano: with passion, playfulness, recklessness, violence and tenderness.

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