Practice Notes (QB observations, passing game, LB PBUs)

TALLAHASSEE — Florida State held their Wednesday practice in preparation for Boston College. Here are some observations from that practice:

– As mentioned by head coach Mike Norvell after the practice, quarterback Jordan Travis was moving around and doing a good bit of work. Travis had a number of highlight throws on the day. Arguably his best throw of the day came when he rolled towards the sideline and put one over the top to wide receiver Malik McClain for a touchdown. It was perfect ball placement, as pointed out by Norvell in the moment. It was one of several good catches for McClain on the day. Travis had another one where he rolled and put it on the spot, connecting with the wide receiver Micah Pittman. Those were a pair of several strong throws on the day for Travis. Felt like Travis performed better-and-better as the day wore on.

– Fellow quarterback Tate Rodemaker also made several nice throws on the day. One of his better ones came late in the practice when he hit a wide receiver Ontario Wilson working to the corner. It was a nicely timed ball with a strong spin and great trajectory. Easy pitch-and-catch. Rodemaker had another impressive throw vertically to wide receiver Malik McClain.

– Rodemaker did have one particular moment that drew some ire from the coaching staff when he snapped a ball with a player in motion between him and the center. The snap deflected off of that player and resulted in a fumble. Quarterbacks coach Tony Tokarz immediately addressed that with Rodemaker.

– Quarterback AJ Duffy was sporting two gloves. Today wasn’t a particularly good day for Duffy when it came to throwing the ball. He did have one fantastic throw to wide receiver Johnny Wilson in the corner of the end zone. Wilson again got two feet down.

– Wide receiver Micah Pittman seemed to be a focal point of the practice. Just seemed like a lot of balls went his way and he and Travis had a good connection on the day for multiple nice plays down the field.

– Wide receiver Johnny Wilson did a great job of allowing no balls to hit the turf. He was very good consistently and flashed his catch radius multiple times.

– Another wide receiver mention goes to Darion Williamson where he exhibited body control and quickly tucked the catch to secure it. Another instance where the staff praised a wide receiver for how they finished on the play. Williamson, who continues to battle in practice to earn more playing time, also blocked very well on the day.

– In general, good day for a variety of wide receivers, including Center Poitier and those previously mentioned.

– Tight ends Brian Courtney had a bad drop in the end zone during one portion of practice, but it provided a chance for a good response. Later a ball was put behind a defender, high, and into a tight spot in the corner and Courtney adjusted, grabbed it, and got his feet in. The touchdown pass for Courtney came from the quarterback Tate Rodemaker.

– Offensive linemen D’Mitri Emmanuel, who is coming off his best game as a Seminole, had a really good practice. He just brought it consistently at the point-of-attack throughout the day. Another lineman who had a good showing in 1-on-1’s was Bryson Estes.

– Defensive end Derrick McLendon is another player who performed well on Friday and seems to be having some carryover effect to how he is doing in practices. Good day for him, including one where he beat an offensive tackle off the edge in good-on-good. Also thought a pair of younger defensive ends, Patrick Payton and Byron Turner, performed well on the day. Payton did a good job on playing a ball in the air behind the line of scrimmage and coming away with an interception. He also had one where he shot a gap, took on a back, and won coming off that block quickly. Turner recorded a sack on the day where he put his offensive lineman blocker on tilt and drove him back. Turner also had good moments in 1-on-1 work with a couple of wins against a variety of offensive linemen – including some starter types.

– Defensive lineman Dennis Briggs also recorded an interception on the day. He did a good job reading the progression of the play, positioning himself, and then playing the ball when it was released.

– Linebacker DJ Lundy recorded a nice PBU when he flashed his improved lateral quickness. Linebacker Brendan Gant also turned in a nice PBU where he had to work inside-out, lunged, and got his hand on it. It was one ball intended for tight end Brian Courtney. Another linebacker with a PBU on the day was a freshman Omar Graham.

– Defensive back Jarques McClellion was active on the day, including a nice stop behind the line-of-scrimmage.

Overall, it was a good practice for the Seminoles. Thought the offense had the better day of the two sides of the ball. Travis and Rodemaker both had the passing game clicking and it was a solid day for the wide receiver room as a whole.

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