Thursday Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Waddle, O-Line, Arm Strength, and More

From Miami Dolphins Quebec (@Dolphins_Quebec):

After two padded practices, what does the running game look like? Did you see some FB work? And last question, am I wrong if I believe Cethan Carter performs well? Another one: How have the special units looked in camp? Especially Jason Sanders?

Hello MDQ, multiple questions, so rapid-fire answers. The running game looks like it’s going to be interesting with some of those wide runs and also seeing some nice cut-back ability by some of the backs. The fullback will be very visible in the Dolphins offense. Yes, I think Cethan Carter absolutely has a role on this team, both on special teams and on offense as an extra tight end or H-back. Finally, special teams are always tough to gauge in practice because they don’t run plays all the way through. As for Jason Sanders, he’s kicking the ball well, but I couldn’t tell you how he’s done on field goals because our angle makes it impossible to tell without a doubt whether the kick was good and there have been no officials at camp yet.


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