Verse, Robinson talk bowl participation and future decision, also other FSU players comments at Cheez-It Bowl

We’ve had two players claim they should have had the Cheez-It Room. Do you want to make your argument for it –

JAMMIE ROBINSON: No, no, no, I’m not – because I just found out that they actually gave it to someone. I texted the Instagram page, and I was like, Can I get the Cheez-It Room? And they said it’s against the guidelines or something like that. So they lied to me. I found out Mycah got it. It’s cool. I’ll go by and see it.

I’ve seen it on Instagram, though. That’s why I slid up and I was like, Can I get that room? And they told me it was against the guidelines. But come to find out Mycah got it. I’ll go see, see how the room looks.

How was practice this morning?

JAMMIE ROBINSON: Practice was great. The atmosphere was good. Everyone flying around, and a different atmosphere, that was the great thing. We were able to make it feel like home, and I feel like that’s going to lead to us getting a victory. We feel like this is already home, and it’s the first practice.

How excited are you guys about playing in a Bowl game again and playing against a team like Oklahoma?

JAMMIE ROBINSON: I mean, I feel like every game is a great game and a great opportunity, you know what I’m saying. Hats off to Oklahoma. We look forward to playing against them. We have definitely been game planning, watching movies. They got some great talent over there.

I also saw that they had a lot of guys out – but that doesn’t phase us. We are ready to see what they are really talking about over there and really just ready to get to work honestly. We’ve been practicing for about two and a half weeks, so, you know, we’re just ready to get off from somebody, really.

Your main goal is to shut out the opponent. Talk about the conversations you guys are having as a defense coming into this, especially since you’re pointing out this already feels like home for you and it’s your first practice. What conversations are you guys having to build each other up and head out into that game on Thursday?

JAMMIE ROBINSON: For sure, like I was saying earlier, like we don’t have five – I don’t know if it’s a five- or four-game winning streak, but I feel like we had lost three games in a row and it kind – you know what I’m saying, it hurt a little bit, but that brought us closer as a team, you know what I’m saying, and that brotherhood.

The brotherhood here is different. In all my years in college, this is my best year in college football, you know what I’m saying. We’re actually fixing to get a tenth win. I’ve never been pretty much over .500 in college, you know what I’m saying. So I feel like I won a Super Bowl already.

Just getting after it with the guys, everyone, it’s like a team – I feel like our team is player led now. Earlier in the season, we were working on it. The coaches were on us about that, just being leaders and stuff. And I feel like now we get to the end, we are getting stronger. Like I don’t feel like we are off beat at all. It’s just, you know what I’m saying, we’re ready to go, honestly.

Your decision to stay at Florida State or go to the NFL, is that something that’s coming into focus, or is this something you let the coaches know, hey, I will let you know by this date?

JAMMIE ROBINSON: Honestly, I just been football-minded. I’m here. I’m with my brothers right now. Because I know when it’s over with, it’s going to be over with, and I’m going to miss it.

Right now I’m not going to try to miss it, you feel me. I’m going to cherish every moment I got with my brothers, you know what I’m saying, and just day-by-day with it. That’s the type of guy I am, day-by-day.

Once the game is over with, then I will be answering phone calls and saying what it is, you know what I’m saying. But right now, I’m just ready to get this tenth win. It’s only been 24 10-win seasons. We’re trying to make it 25. That’s what we’re focusing on. We already won a state and now trying to win a Bowl game and see what’s next.

With a Bowl game you get extra practice. What have you seen from Azareye’h Thomas since arriving? What makes him special to be getting that playing time as a true freshman?

JAMMIE ROBINSON: One thing I like about AZ is as a freshman, you don’t see most guys like being students of the game, and I feel like that’s one thing AZ is doing a great job at. He’s in the film room, he’s making the checks, he’s running with the ones, he’s getting two reps, you know what I’m saying. He’s playing his role, and everybody on the team got their own role and everybody got their own plan, you know what I’m saying.

So for sure he got a bright future ahead of him, just like all our young guys. We got so much depth and if one man goes down, we know like the next guy that’s coming up, he’s able to be trusted, you know what I’m saying. So that’s why I feel like all our coaches do a great job just getting everybody prepared for it at any moment because anything can happen.

Last time you guys played was that Florida game. That was a back-and-forth game. As a defense, you’re probably not, looking back at that now, happy about giving up 38 points. What do you guys have to do to make sure you don’t do that again this week?

JAMMIE ROBINSON: I feel like we’re just going to go out there, we’re going to make them try to throw the ball, because that’s what they tend to do, and then once they know they can’t throw the ball on us, they can’t run because our D-line is just crazy.

It’s going to be a great game for us. We are going to go out there and get after them for real.

You’re statistically one of the best defenses in the nation. How do you explain the Florida State defense?

JAMMIE ROBINSON: I feel like there is no defense that plays man coverage like how we play man coverage. I feel like there is no defense that flies around like we fly around. I feel like there’s no defense in the country that practices like how we practice, the intensity, the level we practice.

I just feel like Florida State is different, you know what I’m saying. If you’re not built for Florida State, you can’t come to Florida State honestly.

Speaking of throwing the ball, what are your thoughts on Renardo Green, doesn’t get talked about a ton –

JAMMIE ROBINSON: That’s another corner, you feel me – I didn’t even get to finish asking the question. Renardo, he plays safety. He played safety, now he plays corner, you know what I’m saying. I play safety, I play nickel. Kevin always plays corner, nickel, you know what I’m saying. Jarrian Jones, corner, nickel, you know what I’m saying.

Everybody on our defense on the secondary, everybody is versatile. Everybody don’t just have one job. Everybody playing multiple positions. And like I said, when one guy goes down, we can count on the next guy, you feel me. And Renardo has been balling out, lights out, you feel me, being able to play safety, then you go to the corner.

Like most safeties can’t play corner, you feel me. And he did that. And then he physically, you know what I’m saying. He got all the attributes, man, and got all the God-gifted talent and he got a bright future, also, you know what I’m saying.

Speaking on our Florida game, it’s so crazy because Akeem had got – he went down, like I said, next man, the next guy, our coaches prepare the next guy every time.

So for instance, Akeem got injured, so Shyheim came in and he had to play free, and I had to move to boundary safety, you know what I’m saying. He came in, he had a great game. That was one of his best games. Like just looking at him, like just me watching him since I’ve been here, you feel me. Like him growing up. Like he got the intangibles, you know what I’m saying. It’s long. He got good range, you know what I’m saying. He can be able to play in the box and all that.

And just him maturing up, you know what I’m saying and stepping in every time the number is called, that’s one thing he does, he’s a team guy, his number is called, you can trust him.

I know you chose to come here, so you believe in what Coach Norvell told you, but the fact that it’s come to reality, can you describe if you are surprised that it went this well or just your feelings about he laid out a vision –

JAMMIE ROBINSON: I felt like it was due time. It was due time. I’ve been in college four years and since I’ve been in college, I haven’t had, you know what I’m saying, an exciting year.

But I told you earlier, I feel like I won a Super Bowl coming here. Ten games, we are going to win ten games. We are going to put 25 – we are going to put the 25th ten-game winning season and we are going to do that. We are going to do that for Florida State.

You mentioned watching tape earlier. What is it about Oklahoma’s offense that has stood out on film?

JAMMIE ROBINSON: I feel like for Oklahoma offense, honestly like I said, they are a passing team that are going to look to pass the ball more. For instance, seven-on-seven, I feel like their offense is based kind of on a seven-on-seven offense. You are going to get more passing than anything. I feel like we can go out and establish and stop the passing game. Our defensive line is so crazy, they’re not going to be able to run. Once we establish and stop the passing game, it’s going to be over with.

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